Advisory board

Member 1
Name: Simone Cristoni
Affiliation: ISB – Ion Source & Biotechnology Company
Short Description: Dr. Simone Cristoni is a professional scientist/manager operating in mass spectrometry field applied
to biotechnology. He has 14+ years of experience in chemistry and molecular medicine research and a broad knowledge of life
sciences including, cancer, proteomics and metabolomics. His expertise includes also intellectual property protection strategies, customized analytical assay development and mass-spectrometry-based kits commercialization as well as applications based on proprietary technologies.

Member 2
Name: Davide di Venosa
Affiliation: Advisor Bank of Asti
Short Description: Dr. Di Venosa has a degree in economic law. His expertise and focus permit to perform accurate market studies and to suggest effective market strategies. He actually works in Bank of Asti, in the finance management field, with a passion for blockchain and fintech.

Member 3
Name: Ivan Dorna
Affiliation: Anthilla srl (CEO)
Short Description: Ivan Dorna is a Senior Information Technology specialist, Founder of Anthilla. The company makes
technologies not only to manage, transfer and process data in security but also for process and data validation (also related to
blockchain foundations). Anthilla srl has signed a Join Venture Agreement with ISB for the development and commercialization of SANIST technology proprietary of ISB.

Member 4
Name: Matteo Conti
Affiliation: Sant’Orsola Hospital
Short Description: Dr. Matteo Conti, Ph.D, has 20 years of experience in analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry
applied to the clinical field. His high expertise is also attested by 47 publications appeared in peer reviewed
scientific journals, so far. He has developed many bio-analytical methods, also employing the SACI technology,
which are efficiently in use in many clinical laboratories.

Member 5
Name: Giancarlo Caramenti
Affiliation: Free Lance
Short Description: His main fields of activities is related to development and testing of hardware apparatus. He has astrong
experience in this field (more that 30 years).



Mentor 1
Name: Paolo Brambilla
Affiliation: Monza, Desio Hospital, Clinic Director
Short Description: His main fields of activities is teaching surgical medicine and to coordinate the Desio and Monza
medical analytical division. He has published more than 70 scientific papers on international referred Journals covering
medical and biomedical fields.



Angela Perego – Finance administrator – ISB srl
Karim Amaya – Quality Assurance operator – ISB srl
Silvia Mendoza – Public relation operator – ISB srl
Daminao Zanardi – Informatic expert – Anthilla srl
Martina Larin – Mass Spectrometry Specialist – ISB srl